Saturday, 18 September 2010

making and baking

We had a day of wandering around some shops on Wednesday, looking for a few wedding bits for my friend Rosie. It was a little depressing as I have absolutely no money to spend and kept seeing stuff I'd like, but hey-ho, I just have to hope I won't be broke forever (click to enlarge):

On Thursday night Rosie came round to make some mock-ups of her wedding invitations, which was lots of fun (click to enlarge):

And we also made this super yummy chocolate cake:

Me and my daughter are going away with Rosie for the weekend, to visit Rosie's family, snoop around her wedding venue, and go for some nice walks. So our bags are packed, my daughter has her hair in bunches, and we're ready to go:

I'll be back on Monday! xx


Lea said...

More fabulous lesson LO's!!! And love that picture of your daughter, so cute!!!

Sian said...

Have a good trip! I love the little drawing of the two of you sitting creating together.

Meghann said...

Have a great trip! Your daughter looks like such a cutie!

Rachel B said...

Hope you have a great time away Jen. Your layouts are fab!

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