Sunday, 5 September 2010

a candle conundrum

I had a fab time at my friend's 30th birthday the other day. I did learn a lesson whilst there though (click photo to see it larger):

I spent quite a while trying to light lots of tealights in decorated jam jars around the party garden. We only had a lighter - no taper - to light them with, so it was a game of trying to light them and drop them in without the candle blowing out or tipping over!

Here's some other pics of the evening, I don't have any of the birthday boy, or most of the guests, as I don't know how they'd feel about being on my blog. But hopefully you can see what a fun evening it was:

My friend Rosie and my little girl playing football.

Feeding the chickens - little miss found this hilarious!

A signpost made by the b'day boy - no, there was no hot tub. That sign is pointing to the pond!

First time I've ever painted my daughter's face, she was suprisingly good at sitting still!

The bar, complete with neon sign and carpeted floor, very professional!

After all that fun on Friday night, I unfortunately had to spend all day Saturday at an Annual General Meeting at a place I work sometimes in Somerset. You can imagine that this was not the most exciting day, but it was more interesting than previous years, and I leaned a lesson (click photo to see it larger):

We got a chance to speak this year, and it felt good to have the managers listening to us lowly workers for once!

I've been at home all day so far today, but have learnt one important lesson already. No matter how many times you get your daughter to try and go on the potty, she will say she doesn't need to, and then wee all over the sofa 5 minutes later. Even though you'd only just put the sofa cushions back on after she did the same a couple of days ago. Sometimes potty training makes me cry.

Here's hoping for a dry afternoon. xx


Pippa said...

I love this page, so colourful and so true a sentiment, I have bookmarked your blog so I can continue to see your LSN pages - I think they're really lovely.

Sian said...

Potty training can be very hard work, though bribery definitely helps!

I like your page very much too.

SarahLP said...

Lol!!! I know that potty training feelin so well! My littlest boy is resolutely refusing to wear pants and be a 'big boy' even though he's perfectly capable. He'll do it in his own sweet time and that's all there is to it..

SarahLP said...

Oh, fogot to say, that party looks amazing fun!!!

Meghann said...

Really cool post! Looks like you had a great time at the party. Good luck with the potty training! Sounds like a lot of work.

Sarah said...

I like your lessons learned pages, it's a great idea to do a book like that! I know how you feel about potty training! My son while learning how to pee standing up would pee all over our cloth shower curtain...every day! Until I finally got a vinyl one (much easier to clean while learning! lol)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, that was extremely valuable and interesting...I will be back again to read more on this topic.

Lea said...

What great little LO's!!! The candle one is just cool!!! Love all the little flames at the bottom!!! And the blah blah blah is hilarious!!!!!!!

Rachel B said...

Great layouts Jen, I love how your LSNED is all hand drawn. Cant wait to see the rest, the party looked great fun too :)

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