Thursday, 2 September 2010

I am learning...

Here's my first page for Shimelle's class Learn Something New Every Day (click photo to see it larger):

Today I've already learnt a few lessons:

1. If you go to bed with wet hair, you will wake up with hair resmbling a birds nest (This pic was taken after I'd already dragged a brush through it, but it was still much bushier than usual!):

2. The village of Moreton has a very pretty church:

3. But you can't expect a 2 year old to be quiet in or around it:

4. There is also a lovely ford which you can paddle in:

5. But you can't expect a 2 year old not to sit in it, just because her silly mother didn't think to bring any spare clothes:

6. Finally, I learnt that snakes (at least some of them) can swim. I don't know what kind of snake this is though - can anyone tell me? It was quite small, probably a bit longer than my foot (though I didn't put my foot directly next to it!):

I'm off out for the evening, so who knows what other lessons will be learnt? xx


debs14 said...

I'm not sure but I think that it may be a grass snake. We had one swim across our pond in the garden 2 years ago. Did you hear me scream? You must have! Despite being assured that they are harmless, I wasn't happy until it was gone!

Suzie said...

Hehe, love your lessons for today! And I can so relate to your page for the 1st! Several million driving lessons ... and still no licence. I have given up!
No idea what the snake is *shudder* xx

Clair said...

I so LOVE your page!

Gez said...

Hi Jennifer
Love your Day 1 page. Hope you get the hang soon! Great photos from today too... please tell me these 'snakes' were NOT in the same water as your DD's but having just been back I notice the same pebbles under the water aaarrh!! (I run away from worms!!)
Thank you for your kind blog comments.xx Good luck with the class. Hope September is a great month for you.xx

Sarah said...

great pics! and trust me, your hair doesn't look bad at all! you should see mine just waking on any given day! going to bed with wet or dry hair is disasterous for my hair! lol

Rosie Bird said...

Love that first page for your art journal. Also love the actual book. I may have to go and get my own, although it will probably sit on my desk wile I stare at it trying to think of something special to use it for.

Grass snake picture came out well, so chuffed we spotted it.

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