Wednesday, 8 September 2010

feeling scared and feeling silly

On Monday we tried to go to a baby and toddler music group we attend during term-time, but it doesn't start until next week. Luckily though, lots of other mummies made the same mistake, so we all went to the playpark instead. It was good for my little girl to have so many others to run around with, and all the kids had great fun, but us mums didn't get much time to relax. I never realised until I had my daughter how heart-stoppingly scary playparks can be! One minute your child is playing safely, the next they're about to step off a high platform or slide down the slide when another kid is trying to climb up it. Arrghh! It's so hard to balance between calmly watching your child, or being over-protective. If I had a pound coin for everytime a mummy said 'careful!' I'd be feeling quite rich by now! So, my lesson for the day (click photo to enlarge):

Don't worry, there were no accidents. But I think I'm always going to be worried when we go there!

Yesterday was spent doing office work for my self-employed business (running creative writing, arts and crafts workshops for kids). We've been updating the website, if you are interested in taking a look. My daughter was at nursery all day, and hubby was thankfully clearing some of his junk out of our conservatory, it's looking a bit more like a room and less like a storage area now!

The lesson I chose to record for the day was one which makes me feel a bit silly. I've spent 11 months with my netbook, and all that time I've been complaining about how dark the screen goes if it's not plugged in. I was sure there'd be a way to adjust this, but had asked hubby (a computer whizz) and he didn't know, so I hadn't bothered going any further. Last night I got completely fed up with it, so I typed the question into google, and 3 minutes later, my screen is bright as day. Obviously I'm happy it's fixed now, but it makes me feel very dumb that I've been living with it for so long! Here's my LSNED page (click to enlarge):

Today we're having a chilled out morning. We're planning to go out this afternoon with Rosie for a walk around Corfe Castle, but for now my daughter is painting:

And I'm working on a page for the Fiskarettes Monday challenge this week: to use paint or mists on a project. I'm using this photo and some carstock which I've spritzed:

Hopefully I'll be able to post the finished layout tomorrow! Bye for now, xxx


Sian said...

Ooh, I love that Fiskarettes sneak peek.

Google is an amazing tool - many of the jobs I used to do in the Business Reference Library can now be done from the comfort of your own living room.

debs14 said...

My son was an amazing escape artist when let loose in a park. I used to have to dress him in brightly coloured clothes just so I could pick him out in a crowd. That play equipment suddenly looks a lot less safe when it's your child scrambling over it doesn't it?!

Meghann said...

LOVE that picture of your little girl painting. Too cute!

Lea said...

I'm really enjoying your daily lessons. The little sketches are great!!!

Rachel B said...

Great lessons Jen and I love that pic of your little girl - such a cute little smile!

I agree with you on the park thing, It makes me sick with worry as everything always looks so big and dangerous!!!

SarahLP said...

Me too.. trying to watch two boys as they run off in opposite directions is always unnerving!

Loving your drawings, they're just so perfect for your lessons learnt! Saw your LO on Fiskarettes too - lovely job :)

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