Wednesday, 1 September 2010

An exciting start to September!

Hello! I'm in a very good mood today!

Firstly I had a good driving lesson this morning - managed to do a few 3 point turns!

Secondly it's the start of Shimelle's class Learn Something New Every Day. I've just finished off my front cover:

I'm going to try and stick to this colour theme through the book, though I don't suppose I'll be terribly strict about this! The book is from Paperchase, and is about 8" x 6". The best bit about it? It has brown kraft pages! Love them, can't wait to play with them! I'm going to combine scrapbooking and art journaling depending on my mood. Hopefully they'll be some good lessons learnt this month!

My third reason for being in a good mood is that I can finally share some news with you - I'm on the Fiskarettes Design Team for the next three months - yay!! The announcement went live this morning - you can see it here. I can't wait to play with their products and share lots of pretty stuff with you and the community over there. If you've never visited, go take a look!

Finally, we bought a printer off Ebay and it arrived this morning. It's a huge beastie - as it's an A3 printer, with an A3 scanner built into it - yipee! I'm looking forward to being able to scan some of my pages instead of having to stick them to the bathroom wall (only white wall in the house), and hoping that I don't forget to take it down before someone gets in the shower! Just have to wait for hubby to install it.

Now it's time to go and play with my little girl. She's heaped a Snow White and a Sleeping Beauty doll on my lap - I get the hint! xxx


Sian said...

Fantastic news Jennifer! Congratulations to you. Im looking forward to seeing what you do for them.

If you can do 3 point turns, then you've cracked it! There'll be no stopping you now.

Mary B said...

Looks great and those books are super aren't they I have used them a few times but can't now get that size.

Clair said...

Congratulations on joining the Fiskars DT. That's awesome. Almost as awesome as your LSNED book.I love Paperchase books for the same reason - and your colour combo + the little cloud makes it perfection x

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and love your colour theme!

debs14 said...

Great news! Well done! The little album looks lovely, looking forward to seeing it as it progresses!

Annie said...

Glad to see you are doing LSNED too! I'm looking forward to seeing your book fill up!

Congrats on being on the Fiskarettes Team!

Have fun with your new printer/scanner too!


Keshka said...

Congrats--good for you on learning that! Love the album!

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