Sunday, 13 February 2011

What I've been up to...

Oops, another blogging gap, sorry! I'm still getting tired a lot with the pregnancy and sitting on the internet is just not tempting for me most of the time right now.

We've not been up to much, as my hubby has been working a lot, but we have had a couple of trips to Kimmeridge bay, a local stony beach where you can hunt for fossils and walk along the cliff to Clavell Tower - a historic building that was moved 25 meters inland in 2004 to stop it tumbling off the eroding cliffs. We went once just our little family, and again with my sister-in-law, her partner, and their dogs:

My daughter loves it there, especially throwing as many stones into the water as she can!

I've not done much creating lately, partly because of the tiredness, and parly because I've been trying to sort out my craft room - I'm downsizing to the small spare bedroom and have to give up some stuff. I'm way too much of a hoarder and it's really hard to get rid of anything!

Me and my daughter are going to stay at my mum's in Kent for a week, I'm very excited to be going to visit all my family there. I hope you all have a good week whatever you are doing! xx
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