Friday, 20 July 2012

A 'Punk Rocker' Page with Pockets, A Pop-Up, Pull-Outs, and Puppets!

In April I spent a day as a punk rocker, to help my friend Rosie realise her dream of being in a girl punk band (it was her 30th birthday so she deserved a treat!). It was so much fun, and I've been really wanting to scrapbook the cool photos. But somehow a normal layout didn't seem like enough. Then I got hold of some Colour Magic Memory Files by Heidi Swapp, and they made it easy to create a special page:

I love it, it was so great being able to match the colours easily to the band's colours of black, white, lime green and hot pink! 

The background is just a sheet of white cardstock, with the band logo (a star with RR inside) misted in the top right - I made the stencil myself by printing it from Microsoft Publisher and cutting it out with a craft knife). The top of the cardstock has a doodled edge, some stamped arrows, and scattered gems:

The main section of the page is the memory files. There's actually two files of the same shape sewn back to back to create pockets. I misted the front file with different patches of colour (I spritzed on a little more after I took this photo to get the colours a bit deeper):

And I sprayed the inside layer just with green on one side, pink on the other, holding the mist at an angle so the outer edge received more colour, so it ended up darker than the middle:

After they'd dried I machine-stitched the two together, so the mist was on the outside (You can see I got a little carried away and started adding the title before I stitched - I had to take the 'R' off quickly so I could sew underneath it!):

The stitching is a ¼" away from the edge, and I sewed down both sides, and across the fold in the centre, leaving both the top edges open to make pockets:

I folded it up and stuck the back of the file to my white cardstock with ultra-strong double sided tape, leaving a little gap in the middle where I knew I'd want to use a paperclip for a closure. 

Then I decorated the front of the file, including using these Colour Magic Alphas, which looks great coloured with pink and green ink pads, some 'Sunshine' Trimmings which I re-coloured, and an cute Sugar Chic 'Remember This' Openable:

I re-coloured the trim by spritzing it with pink and green mist, and dabbing off the excess in between layers with a baby wipe:

The openable folds out to reveal a heart shape:

What a super place to write lots of journaling!

When you take off the paperclip clasp that holds the memory file closed, then it opens up to reveal a pop-up page:

I made the pop-up by drawing round the cut-out photo onto a piece of white cardstock (I'd misted the bottom edge to match my layout), and then cutting just inside the lines -leaving a 1" strip along the bottom of my photo. Once stuck on the photo it strengthens it and gives it a stand:

And I cut another piece the same way for the back, misted with pink this time:

And then I stuck these together at the top, making sure there was no adhesive along the bottom 2" above the fold, so that the photo could stand up on it's own:

To stick it into the file, I adhered the front 1" strip (the green one) onto the layout first, using ultra strong tape and placing it about 1" from the memory file centre fold. Then I stuck some tape to the pink 1" flap (I've left the tape backing on here so you can see it easier:

Now this bit is important (if you want to make a pop-up like this) - to stick the pink flap to the back, you need to pull off your tape backing, and then hold the strip flat against the bottom page, while you fold down the top page, pressing it flat to adhere it. This will ensure your back strip is stuck in the right place and the file will stay flat when closed:

The pockets that I made by sewing the memory files together are filled with more memories of the day. The front pocket is filled with song lyrics (we recorded 3 songs that Rosie wrote):

And the back pocket is filled with these puppets of us, which are a cute way to show our individual outfits, and they could be used in a music video at some point!:

I even made one of Rosie's husband, David, as he was our producer and photographer on the day, though I didn't have a full length shot of him. He looks cool anyway!

The puppets have our names stamped onto the bottom of the lollipop sticks:

And they are strengthened at the back with black card, which has more journaling on it, about the individual roles we played in the band, and what bits we enjoyed the most:

So there you go, a special page to remember a special day! What do you think? I showed it to Rosie earlier, and now she wants me to make one for each band member! If you want to see one of the music videos we made then check it out here!

Have you tried Heidi Swapp's Memory Files yet? If so, what for? My head is spinning with ideas for what to do with the other 4 in my pack!

Have a rocking weekend! x


dogmatix said...

I love this LO. It is so colourful and I love the interactive elements to it. I like the use of the memory files as well...I was wondering what to do with the pack I have.

Susan said...

Wow, what a fantastic page! The video was fun too. :-)

Louise said...

wow you have created a masterpiece. It looks wonderful and how i'd like to see it for real x

Lea Lacoste said...

this 'page' (it's so much more than just a page!) is awesooome!! loooove it!!
off to eat lots of popsicles so i can play with those sticks!

scrappymo! said...

Oh my goodness...this is so interactive. It is just stunning!

Bonnie said...

This is such a great layout! There's so much to it, it's more like a one-page mini-album. It's obvious that you put in a lot of work and a lot of love into this. Fantastic work!

Mel said...

Wow this is a real labour of love. Sometimes the most fiddly and complicated layouts are the most rewarding. Looks like a fitting tribute to a fab celebration!

Julia said...

Totally fun layout!!! Love it!!

Sian said...

Ooh, yes, I see what you mean! We must have been working on our pockets at the same time - I like that thought :) Great stuff.

Lisa-Jane said...

Looks like you had a great day and also that you had as much fun creating the layout!

Alison said...

Fantastic LO Jennifer...must find out about these pockets!
Alison xx

Penny said...

This is a great layout! I love all the little extra goodies you included! Love Penny

Jimjams said...

Sorry I've been AWOL - this is just AMAZING!!!! What a fun & funky experience this pages is - so much to see, read, explore - brilliant way to capture such fun memories :o)

alexa said...

This is so cool! I was fascinated by your detailed explanations and the pop up is my absolutely favourite. So very creative!

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