Thursday, 5 July 2012

Organisation Celebration Winners So Far!

Drumroll please... it's time to announce the winners of last weekend's 'Organisation Celebration!' If your name is not listed below, don't forget there's still one chance left to win - the challenge to 'organise' is open until Sunday night {NOW CLOSED} at 11.59pm GMT - go and sort something!

Without further adieu, the winners are:

The Grand Giveaway (Over £40 worth Supplies) - Jimjams

The Blog Hop Giveaway (phrase solution is further on in this post) - Jayne Sinclair

(details of entrants to each giveaway, and the random number generator to select the winner, are available as word docs if requested)

Contact me at jennifer grace (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk, with 'prize winner' in the subject line, if your name is listed above!

Sorry if you're not a winner this time - thank you for entering!

I will definitely be doing another weekend later in the year on a 'Winter' theme. I'm provisionally suggesting the weekend of Friday 16th November to Sunday 18th November. What do you think about that date - are there any public holidays that I should be aware of that might stop people joining in?

Also, following from feedback, the next weekend will be only slightly changed. I will keep posts every hour, but will alternate the length of posts, so that one is shorter (eg. a photo for inspiration, a simple scrapbook layout, a poem, etc) and the next post being longer (a tutorial, a blog hop, a story, etc) - hopefully this will keep it exciting but also mean that people find it easier to keep up. The deadlines for all giveaways will stay the same as I like the 'rush' feeling, and being able to wrap it up the following week!

I'll post more details a month or so before! In the meantime, it would be lovely if you'd show support of the sponsored giveaway shops SJ Crafts, Riky & Nina, Scrap Chic Kits, and Julie Kirk, by shopping with them next time you want to go on a stash spree! 

To finish off the celebration, here's some final tips from the weekend - these are the one's I've learnt from you! Your comments have given me all kinds of ideas for how to continue my organising over the next 6 months! Here's just a few of them:

  • How did I not know about Flylady? Thanks to all who suggested her, I'm checking out lots of her ideas now! I particularly like the idea Nathalie pointed out, to break housework into 15 minute segments with 15 minutes break between, that seems manageable!
  • Prevent paperwork piles from starting, so they don't get cluttered all over the house. I think I probably already knew this one, but having so many of you saying it will give me the push - thanks to Caroline Hackney who suggested 'respond' and 'file' trays for paperwork as it arrives - I will be doing this!
  • Flickr is a good place to store photos according to a few of you - I haven't tried it out yet, but I will! Another photo storing tip I'm DEFINITELY going to put to use, is to print off a contact sheet of photos for each of the folders on my desktop, and keep them all in a binder so I can easily find what I need. Thanks Julie H for that brilliant tip!
  • Justasiam suggested clear pockets for the jewellery holder, so you can see what you have - very clever!
I think that's enough for one day! If I haven't mentioned a tip you left, don't feel bad, as they are all written down in my blogging diary, and might pop up sometime over the rest of the year!

I want to thank you all again so much for joining in, I was overwhelmed with the response and was thrilled to get to know you all. I'm still going to contact some of you, about questions you asked and to say thanks for taking part so much! 

On that note, I'll leave you with the answer to the Blog Hop phrase, in its quote, which most of you managed to discover via google (that's fine, it's how I found it in the first place!):

"Three Rules of Work: Out of Clutter Find Simplicity; From Discord, Find Harmony; In the Middle of Difficulty Lies Opportunity." - Albert Einstein

I don't know about rules of 'work', I think this applies to 'life' quite well! Here's my favourite bit - that you collected - made into a photo to put on my wall and keep me inspired (you can right click and save for your own personal use, if you like):

Made in PicMonkey

Goodbye for now! x


Ana Laura De Romero said...

congrats to the winners

Abi said...

Hooray, i am a winner! Thank you for all you did to make it such a sucess! X

Melissa said...

Congrats to the winners!

That weekend in November is the weekend before Thanksgiving here in the states, so we'll be headed out for a week-long vacation.

Susan said...

Congratulations to all the winners!

Jimjams said...

Ooooh thank you Jennifer - and congrats to all the prize winners! I had a ball all weekend and have already made a start at organising myself (and the kids - never too late to try!)

Annie Claxton said...

WooHOO! I won something AND I had a fab weekend following all the posts - thanks Jennifer! Annie :)

Cherie said...

congrats to everyone! And I am so excited that you will be doing another weekend of fun!

Lisa-Jane said...

Well done to all the participants and winners and well done Jennifer for a fab weekend!

Julie H said...

Thanks for the prize and for a great weekend!

dogmatix said...

OOOO, how excellant....that cheered me up no end :) Well done everyone and thanks Jennifer, the weekend was fab.

Karen Williams said...

Hooray, i am a winner! Thank you for all you did to make it such a sucess! X

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