Saturday, 3 April 2010

rainy day baking

My sister Katy has come down for a visit, so I was hoping to spend this afternoon out and about somewhere. But the weather had other ideas as it's been bucketing it down all day, so I've not left the house! Instead we spent the time baking, as Katy wants to learn how to cook more things, and I'm always up for an excuse to cook homemade goodies!

My daughter was very good at helping too, she spilt very little flour and eggs, and made some interesting designs with her dough. Here she is getting messy (and pulling a very strange face while she says 'cheese'!):

Do you like her pink polka-dot apron? I bought it at a craft fair a few days ago, it makes her look like a very cute little chef!

Here's some pics of the bread rolls and rocky-road muffins that we created:

I can tell you that they were very tasty! I'm going to warm up a muffin and eat with vanilla ice cream - scrummy!
I also want to share a pic which my little girl took of me, using my camera. She's getting quite good at pointing at people and pressing the button:

I'm thinking I should have bought her one of those kiddie's hard-to-destruct cameras for her birthday, but I'm not sure how good they are, or whether she'd be able to handle one. Has anyone got one for their kids?

I'm off now to have a glass of red wine and a chocolate-marshmallow muffin.


Rachel B said...

That piccy is good, She will be scrapbooking her piccy's in no time!

debs14 said...

Happy Easter!
Those muffins look amazing, any chance of sharing the recipe?!

SarahLP said...

MMmm-mmmm.. your baking looks incredibly yummy.. and isn't your little girl a cutie-pie! We considered getting a Kiddie-zoom camera for our boys but the reviews on Amazon really put us off. They like playing around with our old digital which barely works but they love all the beeps and seeing the picture fleetingly on the back!

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