Saturday, 17 April 2010

new blog look

Some of you have already noticed my new blog look! Something else to tick off my 'pocket-sized plans'!

The background and post divider are from, and the base for the header is from It took me a while to find stuff I really liked - I'm gonna have to work out how to make my own from scratch one day! I wanted the colours to be bright and summery as it wasn't cheerful enough before, and therefore wasn't really following my 'word' for 2010 - VIVID!

Thanks for the comments already saying you like it, it's nice to know the time spent fiddling with it is worth it! It has also led me along to a pocket-sized plan for next week - I'll let you in on that one on Monday!

Right, now I have to choose whether to scrapbook some more for Shimelle's crop party, or to tick off another plan by cleaning out the cupboard under my sink... which do you think sounds like more fun?!!



debs14 said...

No contest!
I meant to have a go at Shimelle's crop today but the sunshine and the swing chair in the garden called to me and the day just went!
Love the new look, even though they come from different places, they work well together.

Anne said...

I love this new look. It is so pretty.

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