Monday, 12 April 2010

escaping the house

At the start of winter I love the cool crisp days, even the wet and windy ones; I go into hibernation mode and do lots of baking, start making christmas presents, and love the excuse to stay in and watch movies. But by now the cabin fever has set in, and days when it's too wet or too cold drive me crazy.

So this last weekend was lovely. At last it feels like spring is finally here. Saturday was gorgeously warm, a beautiful day to chill out in the garden and go for a long walk:

Even sunday, when the wind got nippy again, we still managed to picnic on the beach (wearing thick coats and scarves mind you!)

We managed to build sandcastles and kick a ball about for a bit, with me and my pal Rosie even rushing barefoot into the sea to get buckets of water for the moat (verrrrrry cold!!) My little girl seemed to be having a good time, though she asked to go home a couple of times which has never happened before, then when we went to go home she said 'no, no go home'! Do children ever get easier to figure out?

Here's hoping for many more days out and about!


1 comment:

Rachel B said...

Such cute pictures, I especially like the last one!

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