Friday, 16 April 2010

cupcake cravings

So it's the online crop party this weekend, with challenges every two hours during the day. The first was 6pm this evening and it was to create something using the theme of cupcakes. It's a great theme, it really is, as cupcakes are pretty and lovely, but man oh man has it been pushing my diet will power to the limit! I've been looking at other people's projects, making my own, and chatting online to some of the crop participants, and all the pics and talk of cupcakes have been driving me crazy! I've managed to resit so far though!

I made an A6 Happy Birthday card. I had to create my own cupcake element as I didn't have any shop bought ones:

I cut the cake base and top out of scraps of card, then coated the pink top with Anita's clear gloss and sprinkled on some pink seed beads. Whilst it was drying I leant on it accidently and got a sticky elbow! Once it was set I added the pink button and tied on the ribbon, and stuck it with tape at the back. Ta Da!

The card was made using scraps of card and paper from my stock, inc some that came free with magazines, so it was stash busting and low cost:

I need to think of a girly-girl to gift it to now, one that appreciates the cheeky message stamped inside:

Sorry about the poor colour quality of that one, I'm not good at taking photos at night - the card is white in reality.

I think I'm gonna skip the challenge from 8pm as it's to win woodgrain products which don't 'call' to me! But the next challenge is due at 10pm, and as that's in ten minutes time I need to tidy my desk up. I did manage to sort it out like I had hoped to as part of my 'pocket-sized plans', but after making that card here's how it looks:

We're also watching the new Star Trek movie tonight as a friend lent it to us, so I'm busy busy busy! Keep an eye out for more crop party posts to come!



Meghann said...

Hi Jennifer! Thanks for checking out my blog! Love how you used the pink button on top of your cupcake. Super cute!

melissa said...

so cute :) just popping over from shimelle's :-)

Mary said...

Just popped over from Shimelle's....great card, well done you.

Rachel B said...

Cut card Jen and I love the new blog layout, very cute!

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