Wednesday, 17 March 2010

catching up...

Sorry I've been absent from blogland for the last couple of weeks. I had a week-long visit to my mum's in Kent, including celebrating my daughter's second birthday. Then I had a hectic week with her party for her little friends at home, and lots of work planning and running creative writing courses, one for the weekend just gone down at a residential education centre in Somerset. And to top it all off my hubby has been away for store training for 3 weeks just as daughter enters terrible two's - so I've been getting very tired out, and only had time to blearily read a few blog posts and prompts from Shimelle's class before I've fallen asleep each evening!

Thankfully hubby is arriving home tonight, and I don't have too much work over the next couple of weeks, so I should be able to play catch-up!

You know how my last blog post was about my obsession with owls? And on my layout about this I mentioned that I could only find socks with the image on as grown-ups clothes? Well, literally a few hours after I'd posted this I arrived at my mum's in Kent and was presented with this:

I love it, love it, love it! How great is my mum? I think she'd somehow heard my plea when I was creating the layout. It shows that even though we've lived apart for over ten years now, our bond is still strong! She'd also bought me a dress which fits me like a glove - which is suprising as I've lost a stone in a half in the last couple of months (rosemary conley diet and exercise - wahoo!). So how did she manage to get a dress to fit me just so when she hasn't seen me since xmas? Miracle mum!

We had a great time spending the week with her, and my sister and stepdad. We also get to see my brother and his wife and kids when we visit as they live in the same town, so it was great for my daughter to have some quality time with them. She also enjoyed the fact that granny has a garden (we only have a paved-patio space), she did some twig collecting and some watering the plants for them:

I really want to get her a little watering can and plant some flowers in a pot at home now too!

It was her birthday while we were there, and we spent the day playing with her cousins and then having a b-day tea of pizza and chips followed by cake! Then on the following day, when daddy didn't have to work, we all went to the farm, also joined by my parents in law and hubby's foster sister. There was thirteen of us! Unlucky for some, but lucky for us as we had a fab day despite the drizzle. We watched a bird show where my daughter got to stroke an owl, saw some farm animals, and played on the boucy pillows (like bouncy castles but without the walls!). We also had a feast of a picnic for lunch (all our birthday celebrations seem to involve a lot of food!) Here she is (and me in pic 2) enjoying the day:

The day after we got back home to Dorset we had a little birthday brunch for her at our friend's house, where one of her presents was this little owl puppet/egg cosy:

And the day after she had her birthday party with her friends from playgroup - 4 little girls and a baby brother came so it was busy and fun! She really had an extended birthday - four days of celebrations - I'm quite jealous!

To finish off for now I'll show you a pic of her with a couple of the presents we gave her - disney princess barbie dolls. I wasn't sure whether to get them yet as I thought they might be a bit old for her, but she's really got into watching the films lately so we bought them - and she loves them! Plays with them all day long! As she was playing with them I remembered I got her this snow white costume at a car boot sale last summer and put it away until she was big enough. Her eyes really lit up when she saw it and she kept showing me her dress and the snow white doll's dress like she couldn't quite believe they were the same! I want to get her more costumes now!

That will do for this evening! I'm off to try and so some stash busting from the inspiration in Shimelle's Something from Almost Nothing class, so watch this space!

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Sian said...

You have been busy! I just loved those dressing up years and I still can't bear to put our dressing up box away :) She looks just lovely in her matching costume

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