Saturday, 6 March 2010

Wandwomen, rag rugs and junk creations...

I spent today in Dorchester at Dorset Women's Day, an event organised by Wandwomen (Wand = Women's Action Network Dorset; It was a day of free workshops, goodie bags, interesting stalls and yummy food, I had a fabulous time!

It was discovered by my friend Rosie, who picked up a leaflet about it a couple of days ago, and we were so intrigued by all the things you could do that we had to go check it out! There was even a free creche so I could take my little girl and have her looked after for the bits she couldn't join me for. We took part in Street Dancing, a Self Esteem Workshop and two craft activities. The first of these was junk sculpture, building beautiful things out of rubbish, driftwood and odds 'n' ends! I asked my daughter what she wanted to make and she asked for an elephant so here he is:
She kept trying use the 'trunk' as a telephone until it was all glued together! I really like him, though I think his trunk needs some colour. It made me really want a glue gun so I can make some more funky stuff like this!
The other craft activity was rag-rug weaving on a peg loom. I let my daughter choose what materials I should start with - she picked a strip of pink bubble packaging!
So the rug evolved as a pink / white / blue fairy rug!
Here's Rosie with her purply green creation (I was a bit jealous of her colour choice!)
Would love to do it again one day, and make a bigger rug without any bubble packaging in it!
I will definitely be looking out for Dorset Women's Day next year as well, perhaps I'll help out this time? But then will I be able to attend everything too?!!
On an un-related matter, I keep meaning to post this little video of my cheeky monkey doing a 'balloon dance' with the free balloon we got from Ikea! Some of the things she does make me sad that I'm not little anymore as it looks like so much fun! (Excuse my washing hanging in the background!)


debs14 said...

Looks like you girlies all enjoyed your day out!
And I see no reason why you can't join in the balloon dancing!

Laura said...

HI Jennifer

There is a winning surprise for you over on my blog!!!

Can you get in touch, I need your email address to get your prize sorted.

L xx

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