Thursday, 21 January 2010

This is why I scrapbook?...

Ok, so a week or so ago I read Shimelle's latest cool idea - to get us scrapbooking about why we scrapbook. Or trying to explain it in another creative manner. I love the idea of trying to explain scrapbooking, as so few people know what I mean when I mention it, and even if I show them an album they still might not get why I require a whole scrap room to accomodate it! And it got me thinking about what it means to me. I lost my scrapbooking mojo last year, and only started to regain it when taking part in Shimelle's Blogging for Scrapbooker's class last autumn, and I'm worried I'll lose it again, even though I love it so when I have the bug and am producing pretty things. So I really want to delve into this thought and produce a mini album about it, and I am looking forward to seeing why others scrapbook. (If you want to see more about the project click here.)

One of things that Shimelle mentioned was trying to use those papers that you love but just don't want to use - come on people, what did we buy them for? So I grabbed on this for inspiration and chose these Papermania Secret Garden papers and acetates as a starting point. I am totally in love with little owls at the moment, I made an owl cushion for my friend for xmas (see here) and my little girl loves them too - calling them twit-twoos and shouting it out with a smile whenever she sees a pic of one. So this collection is very 'now' for me though I bought it a while ago:

I then made myself up a 'kit' which I had never thought of doing until I read Sarah Youde's article in issue 42 of Scrapbook Magazine. I always go through my stash to find colour / theme co-ordinating products, but not until I already have photos and a layout in mind. It was quite fun to get it all together pre-project, I have always wanted to buy a 'scrapbook kit' but haven't been able to justify it when I have so much stuff! So I've put together some owl / woodland / brown / green / beige / scrapbooking loving stash. Here's my stickers, buttons and other embellishments:

Some alpha stickers:
Some plain background papers:
8x8 patterned papers inc lots of 'Once upon a Time' by DCWV which is another collection I love but hardly ever use:
And some 12 x 12's:
And I've crammed it all into this Pizza box to keep it all together. Now I just need to start the project:
I put this together at the weekend, but then I was feeling ill and started to question whether I should be doing something like this when I still have so many 'normal' pages to catch up on after not doing hardly any last year. Then my friend Rosie said perhaps I should do it because it got me excited and that's the whole point isn't it? To have a passion and enjoy what you're doing? And then I read Sian's post about horsey which is totally unrelated to this project but made me laugh (read it here) and it re-itterated the 'lighten up Jennifer' message, so I've got my enthusiasm back now! Check back to see the finished project!


Anne said...

I love the contents of your kit. I'm sure you will make a lovely project with it. I look forward to seeing the finished project. Have fun creating it.

Laura said...

I am totally in agreement with the whole "use it up" principle and try to make page kits up to use up my stuff too. L x

Anonymous said...

oooooh pretty stash combo! x

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