Saturday, 9 January 2010

Baby's first Christmas

Well I've finally got round to scrapping some Xmas 2008 photos (which I blogged about in 'I must scrapbook this: It was keeping me awake at night thinking that I hadn't scrapped them so how was I suppossed to start scrapping xmas 2009?!

I had some trouble with this layout, mainly because of the colour clashes. I had set my little girl up perfectly for some Christmas papers - wearing red and white. Then dum-dum-dum: cue hot pink wrapping paper on nanny and grandad's present to her - which is the only good shot we have of her opening an xmas pressie. So now I have to make hot pink and red work together?! I think I just about pulled it off:

I think the colour clashes will always annoy me a bit (I'm little miss colour co-ordination!) but it was quite good to get some pink on the page as my daughter looks a bit boyish in the top photo! I totally loved those stipey pj's she had on, I was gutted when she grew out of them! They really made her look like a little xmas elf, I wanted to use these cute little elf stickers with the layout as soon as I took the photo. Here's a close up of the journalling which I made a tag for so it looked like a pressie decoration (I have blocked out her name):

And of the title and the embellishment I made by distressing some circles cut from the left-over papers, trying to make them look like bits of torn and crumpled wrapping paper:

I really want to scrap some of this years photos now - watch this space!!


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