Sunday, 24 January 2010

lovely button necklace!

So I was just doing a bit of blog hopping, you know, when I was supposed to be doing some work, and I came across this post: by the brilliant SJ who's blog I've been following for a while. This lady creates seriously pretty stuff. And when I saw this tutorial for a button necklace I just had to have one - right now!

Out came the button box (old ice cream tub!) and I delved through looking for suitable colours and sizes. Unfortunately my selection of big flat buttons was not vast, I seem to have mainly fiddly little ones or those which don't have holes through. But I managed to find enough in a pale pink / grey / teal colour range to put together. I managed to finish it in about 25 mins; this did involve a bit of huffing when my wire wasn't doing what I wanted it to! I don't think I've managed to capture how nice the colours are but here's some pics:

Thanks SJ for a great teach! Wearing stuff like this will help me fufill my 2010 word to be more 'vivid'. (See my post about that here.)

Anyway, should really do some work now!



scrappyfairy said...

OOOh It's beautiful!!! I LOVE your colour choice! The star and flower shapes really add to its beauty. Gorgeous work!

Anne said...

I love the necklace. I'm impressed by your creativity and speed you made it in.

helena said...

looks great - envious of the range of buttons you have in your button box

RachelB said...

Gorgeous Jennifer, loving the choice of buttons.

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