Monday, 9 May 2011

See water must splash!

Evening all,

I've been busy today while little miss was at nursery, and alongside the mountain of washing up and laundry I also managed to complete another of Shimelle's NSD challenges. This one was to create a layout with a triangle of elements. This was the challenge of hers that appealed to me least, I don't know why, but possibly because I hate coffee and Shimelle's layout was all about that! But I then saw Rachel B's layout for this challenge, and LOVED her take on it. So I asked if she minded me scraplifting it! You can see her page here. (And thank-you Rachel for saying yes!)

I liked the way her photos all overlapped in the centre of the page, and that her title was on top of the photos. I also 'lifted' the fact that she had strips of paper either side of the photo triangle. So here's my take on it (click to see it larger):

I used a piece of Basic Grey Pheobe paper for the background, but it was a bit too bright so I coated it in a thin layer of gesso. I then spritzed some blue acrylic paint on for 'splashes'. I also added some silver glitter swirls, though they're a bit hard to make out in the photo.

I machine stitched the white lace trim to the layout, but almost had to do it by hand - my sewing machine wasn't working. The needle wouldn't go down properly, and I couldn't figure out why - there was no thread caught or anything. I started fiddling with switches and then finally, when I switched from straight stitch to zig zag stitch, a handful of buttons fell out of the thread take-up lever slot! My daughter had been playing with my button box this afternoon and must have 'hidden' some buttons by posting them through the handle slit in my sewing machine cover. The little madam! At least my machine is working now!

I've been making a counterfeit kit, so I'll probably be back tomorrow to show it to you! x


Lizzie said...

This is really cool! I love how you dressed-up the original patterned paper, to make the background as you wanted it. Yay for gesso and spritzing - and so appropriate for a water-themed page too!
The design is very nice - not surprised you "borrowed" it from Rachel - I have just said I would like to do the same with another page she posted - a layout called "Party Princess"; I like how she has used a square on a 12" square, with rectangles nested inside.
Isn't it nice to get inspired by other bloggers?
Love the page, Jennifer and also the subject - how cute is that baby, paddling in the sean?

Sian said...

Gosh, I think you got away lightly there Jennifer! It could have been a trip to the repair shop..

I love the layer of gesso on this, definitely something I need to have a go at.

Rachel Brett said...

This is great Jennifer, those piccys are so sweet :)

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