Monday, 2 May 2011

Coastal Cutie and Dandelions Dancing

Yay, a scrapbook page at last! I've been struggling to find my scrapping vibes, but hopefully this layout will help me ease back into it - after all I have a huge stack of photos to scrap before new baby arrives in July and I have another load of newborn pics to use as well!

This one uses photos from the beach last summer when my daughter had a very sweet swimming costume that I wish I could enlarge somehow, so she could keep wearing it (or, even better, I'd enlarge it enough for me to wear!) I took inspiration from the polka-dot straps on it to add a couple of home-made polka-dot elements to my page, that way I can also enter it into The Paper Variety challenge this week! Here's the layout (click on the big photo to enlarge):

I was finishing this page off today, and it was cheering me up - the weather here has now turned grey and dismal and the rain is battering my window pane - it was nice to have these bright colours in front of me!

Speaking of bright colours, I also just finished off an art journal page. I created this page because of the Creative Wildfire book by L.K.Ludwig. I hired it out from the library months ago and keep renewing it because it's so good (it's going to have to go on my birthday wish list!). In the back of the book was a recycled, blank art journal for the purchaser to use - I felt a bit sorry for the empty pages, wondering if because it's a library book it might never be used. I decided I couldn't let that happen, so I wrote a note in the front suggesting that everyone who borrows the book could add to it, and then I created a page about dandelions:

My daughter keeps blowing the seeds off any dandelion clock she can find, she calls it a fairy flower because the seeds look like little fairies as they fly away. My dad moaned and said I shouldn't let her blow them because she's spreading weeds, but I can't bear to stop her doing it because I think they're pretty! And she loves it so. In fact, I think she was about to blow some dandelion seeds the other day, when I was tidying the living room and heard a loud crash from the garden where she was playing:

"Are you okay?" I shouted.
"Yeah..." she replied, in a thoughtful voice, "...but I think I'm maybe stuck."

Hee hee! Of course, being a scrapbooker and a blogger, I couldn't possibly help her out until I took a couple of photos! She was fine, although I can't say the same for the dandelion clocks after I'd pulled her out!

See you again soon, xxx


Rachel Brett said...

Aww, so cute! Adam loves them too, he picks them and blows raspberries at them instead of blowing the seeds off! :)

Lea said...

Wow, she is a coastal cutie! Love the pics and the pinwheel. The journal page about the dandelion is beautiful, especaially love what you did with the green background. You know, I have a ton of the rainbow ribbon left and I'd love to mail some over to you! Maybe help get your scrappy mojo going full force!!! If you're interested, e-mail me your mailing address!

Fay aka Beautifullily said...

Oh I love your dandelion art journal page, so pretty.

Just to let you know that you've won the RAK on my blog. Can you email me your address to and I'll get sewing!

Suzy Nurmainy said...

Very cute layout! you have adorable photos too.. thanks for sharing your lo with us at The Paper Variety :)

Annie said...

Love your dandelion page, it's fab! I kind of like art journaliing, but never seem to get the time to do it amongst everything else. Congrats on your pregnancy, when are you due? Your trip to London looked great too, it's something I'd like to do with our kids, especially the NHM.

annie x

Lizzie said...

Hello Jennifer, how nice of you to visit my blog and leave such a kind comment! I'm glad you did, because now I have found your blog too (and added it to my "follow" list).

The scrap page is sweet - I love the two-coloured title, and spotty details, to match the swim-suit (and yes, it is a fabby little suit - I can see why you'd like it to grow with her!). I also like your home-made windmill/pinwheel.

The art journal page in the library book is such a gorgeous idea - if I borrowed that book and someone had done this, I'd be thrilled to bits! It's also a beautiful page too - bonus!
I agree about dandelions; they are Fairy Flowers and I love them. Our guinea pigs are quite keen on the leaves too - an extra reason to let some of them grow in the garden.
I like your blog - I'll be back!

alexa said...

Lovely scrapbook page and photos of your lovely daughter ... Like your windmill! And your art journalling is so eye-catching. I'm a see-it-blow-it dandelion person too.

Sandie said...

Love this dandelion page Jennifer, you are quite right to decorate the pages, what a lovely surprise for someone who looks in there.
Love the photos of your daughter 'stuck'. It would be so hard not to take a photo!

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