Wednesday, 12 January 2011

December catch up, part three

Okay, the last of my photos from December. My mum, stepdad, and sister stayed for a few days after Christmas, and one of those days we visited Lulworth Castle, a nearby attraction which I'd never been to before. Despite the day being very cold and windy we had a great time. They had events going on: a magician, a storyteller, an activity table, and a christmas cracker hunt (if you spotted all the crackers you got a bag of sweets).

My daughter loved it there, as she thinks she is a princess and that it's therefore her castle, of course. She even joined in the story, which children got to act out as the storyteller told it - my little girl was an old lady in the woods (it was a very small part!).

My Stepdad Mick even joined in - he made a brilliant evil troll!

Little miss also liked the cracker hunt, running around trying to find them all. Then we had a cake and a cuppa in the cafe, saw the animals at the animal farm, and played in the playpark.It was a great day out, and it was good to go then, as the attraction has just announced that it won't be putting on events any longer as it can't afford them. A real shame, as there's not much for kids there otherwise.

We also did a bit of sales shopping, and my mum bought this very cute outfit for her grandaughter, hopefully it will still fit her next year:

And my little girl also had her first proper haircut, courtesy of my sister Katy who's a qualified stylist (so proud of her!):

So, there we go, you're all caught up with what we've been up to! I promise the next post will feature a scrapbook page, but in the meantime, do you like the new blog background and header? The background is from Shabby Blogs, and I designed the header myself in Microsoft Publisher. It's probably a bit spring-themed for mid-January, but I like it!

Bye for now xxx


Sian said...

It looks fab Jennifer - those trees are brilliant.

alexa said...

She absolutely is a princess - and that castle looks as if it should belong to her!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter looks just like a princess and I love that shot of her in front of the castle!

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