Sunday, 23 January 2011

getting hooked on art journaling

The other day I mentioned that I'd been doing an art journal page. It was about how I'm looking forward to spring - I can't wait for colour to creep back into England! Here's the page:

Lots of layers of paint and stamping, with some paint detail on the face. I wanted to make her look like a nature spirit, and have her blending in a bit with the background:

I also used some fountain pen ink on the page when the paint was still a little damp, so the ink ran, like fresh spring shoots creeping up from the ground, all wet with dew:

After I'd done this page, I was trying to think how to do my next journal page. I have been using layers of painting and stamping, using the same kind of techniques, on all my pages so far. Then, when I popped into the local library, this book happened to be sitting on the just returned shelf:

It's fabulous! It's one of those creative books that makes you think 'ooh, I want to try that, and that, and that' every time you turn the page. It's got all kinds of ideas tumbling around in my head. Here's the first page I've completed since reading it, about how much I'd love a holiday:

My main aim for the page aesthetics was to cut bits from magazines and books, and stick them on without them looking out of place:

I love the plane stamp in the top right corner, I want to use this on a scrapbook page soon too:

I have about 5 pages in my head that I am looking forward to putting together already. It feels very therapeautic to do, because it lets out some thoughts and feelings, whilst also doing my most favourite hobby of playing with paints and papers!

What to you think? Do you do any art journaling, and if so, can you suggest any great books or websites for even more inspiration? Let me know. xxx


Lea said...

Love the green flowing hair of your nature sprite. She definitely has a fresh new feel to her. The holiday art journaling page is very cool. I like the magaizine image you've used and the overall boarder around the whole thing with the journaling!

Unknown said...

I don't journal much, but I get a lot of inspiration from Teesha Moore Also, Alisa Burke is an awesome artist who does workshops online. She will be offering a sketchbook class online soon and you can catch all kinds of sneak peaks on her blog.

HeARTworks said...

Hi jennifer! I do art journaling, but what I do every day is my creative faith journal. Helps me with my prayer life. One of my favorite inspiration for art journaling is teesha moore. You can see her work at she's very generous with teaching her techniques and even has some videos. Have fun! Patsy from

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