Saturday, 8 January 2011

December catch up, part one

Hmm, I've discovered I've quite a few photos to catch you up with my blogging gap, so I'll post them over a few days rather than one big lump! This post includes the December up until Christmas.

At the beginning of December we had quite a lot of snow, like a lot of people in the UK I think! My daughter loved it, especially throwing snowballs:

and making a snowman with granny (yes Sian, he is wearing the hat you knitted, it suits him I think!):

My daughter made this green and glittery xmas tree decoration for our wall:

We had some fun at the park once the snow had melted:

And on the 12th of December Father Christmas came to our town. There's a Christmas parade every year and the man himself goes down the chimney of a hotel/pub in the town centre, and greets kids in the grotto at the bottom. We didn't queue to see him in the grotto but the parade was good:

We also visited Winchester Christmas markets and bought a few pressies:

On the 19th we went to our friend's wedding in Bedford, I was quite impressed we made it there as the weather was terrible, snow everywhere. I don't really have any pics from the wedding that I can share, but here's the card I made for the happy couple:

And the final photo for today, the Christmas cake I made. The recipe is Mulled Wine Christmas cake, and I really like the flavour. I make it with Rosie and then we split the cake in half as it makes quite a big cake. Then we decorate our own halves. She clued me in on painting the icing with a paintbrush dipped in food colouring, which made it quite fun:

There's still a tiny bit left, I think I might go and have a piece now!

Back soon with Christmas pics, xxx


alexa said...

I love that top photo, in particular, of your daughter - looks like she is having the best time!

Meghann said...

Oh Winchester Christmas market! I loved it so! Sigh! One of the things I miss about the U.K. are gluwein and bratwurst at the Christmas markets!

Denise said...

Yummy cake ! and nice to see your pics.:-)

Sian said...

Lol - it matches his nose!

A lovely, newsy post. Hope you are starting to feel a bit more energetic again.

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