Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A Couple of Cards

Hello Hello

I'm in a creative whirlwind this month. As well as lots of layouts (which you've seen) and some design team work (which you haven't - yet), I've also been making cards. Here's a couple of them:

The first one is a 'Welcome Baby' card for my friend, who had a baby boy. She gave birth to him in the car. Whilst her husband was still driving (he was trying to pull over at the time!). You don't think things like that happen in real life, do you?

The other card I actually made 24 of - with a lot of help from my sister and my friend (not the one who just had a baby!). 

This is the invite card which my sister and I are sending out for our joint birthday party in June. She's turning 21, and I'm turning 30, and we're having a family do at a pub. Our theme is 'Disney' as we both love the movies, and for the party she's dressing as Belle and I'm going to be Ariel. Here's the card:

We hope our other family members will embrace the theme and dress up too! If you were going to a Disney themed costume party who would you dress up as? 

I'm sure I'll be showing you some fabulous photos after the event! 

Bye for now! x


Dawn said...

Great cards, love the joint party invite! Hope your friend and baby are both well after that dramatic entrance to the world! Have missed you on the team chat!

Sian said...

Wow! That's some story! Something to remember forever..

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