Tuesday, 10 April 2012

10 Things ... Over my Easter weekend

I'm joining in with 10 things on the Tenth again, a monthly blogging phenomenon led by Shimelle Laine. You can see her post for this month, and links to lots of other '10 things' by clicking here.

I have had an action packed Easter Weekend, and none of it was to do with Easter. In fact, it was my friend Rosie's 30th birthday, and we got up to all kinds of fun...

1. On good Friday, her actual birthday, we went to Rosie's house in the afternoon and spent a couple of hours giving her some cards and presents, eating muffins, and chilling out in her garden:

The birthday girl with my baby boy.

2. We made a multicoloured birthday cake:

3. And in the evening some lovely friend's of mine babysat so that we could go out for dinner. The food was delicious, but even better was the view straight onto Swanage beach, watching the sun go down:

4. And after the meal we took a short stroll along the cool, moonlit sand:

5. Us girlies went back to Rosie's house for a sleepover after the meal, where we painted our nails, chatted a lot, and played Band Hero and Disney Trivial Pursuit:

6. And the next morning we did facials, including some gorgeous facemasks:

7. On Saturday evening, after a delicious barbeque, the girlies went out for dancing:

8. And enjoyed a few cocktails:

9. And then on Easter Sunday, we spent a fabulous day forming a girl punk band (one of Rosie's lifelong dreams!). We are called Rosie and the Rockettes, and I am the drummer (with limited skills!). We had great fun dressing up and doing a photo shoot:

10. And we even recorded a few songs, and made a video for one of them:

So, you can see I had a fun filled weekend! I was quite tired by the end of it, and so was my husband as he'd been looking after the kids by himself quite a lot! Back to normal life now, at least until Rosie and the Rockettes become a hit and I have to start touring the country...!

I hope you had a lovely Easter too! x


Julie Kirk said...

Great video and what a birthday!
Your skirt looks familiar too!

Was that the birthday you needed the gift for?


Alison said...

Looks like a fab way to celebrate!
Alison xx

Clair said...

What an awesome weekend! I cannot believe how much you packed into it and I'm feeling a teeny, tiny (okay, massive) bit jealous!

And, the video? Epic!

alexa said...

This looks like a LOT of fun - love the Instagram? Polaroid? look of your photos (I'm not very up-to-date on my knowledge!)

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a fun weekend! I love the pictures of the cocktails especially (and Mollie's hat).

Tammy said...

My goodness, what an amazing weekend. How fun to dress up like punk rockers! I'd love to do that with a group. Must put that on my bucket list! :)

Melissa said...

It certainly looks like it was a fun weekend with friends!

Pauline x said...

Love your photos Jennifer! Looks like a fun-filled Easter was had by all! Thanks for sharing!

Mel said...

Looks like an action packed weekend - girls can get up to the craziest stuff can't they? We have loads of home vids of my sisters and I being Spice Girls etc! So embarrassing to watch now!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what at amazing weekend you had!

Sue Althouse said...

Fun post, looks like you had a great Easter!

Jimjams said...

Now THAT looks like a great birthday celebration - loved the video! (Don't give up the day jobs quite yet though LOL)

S said...

What a fab time you had, lucky girl.

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