Friday, 18 November 2011

Feeling a bit blue :-(

I know in the grand scheme of things this isn't much to worry about, but it's got me feeling down today so I thought I'd share. I'd entered some layouts into UK's Scrapbook Magazine 'Scrapbooker of the Year' competition, and I received them back this morning with a polite note saying I wasn't a winner this time. I'm kind of gutted as I put a lot of time and effort into the layouts, as well as typing up all the supplies and instructions, and I thought I stood a chance of a runner up place at least.

Oh well, at least I can share the layouts with you now! And I know that the important thing is that me and my family enjoy the layouts. It's just that as well as enjoying the layouts for myself I like to know that other's like them too - striving to improve my layouts is what I do to feel like I'm 'myself', as well as a mum and a housewife, if that makes sense.

Anyway, I'll stop babbling and show you the pages. I hope you don't mind me having this little rant on here! If you can spare a minute to leave me a comment, whether it's layout love or constructive criticism, I'd really appreciate it :-)

Layout 1: 'Your 1st Trip to London':

See the button and twine clasps? They both hide some 3D elements. If you're a regular reader of my blog you might remember this 3D mini that I made about how much I wanted to make a trip to London. I thought because the mini was 3D my layout about the trip should be too:

I'm glad that my daughter loves looking at the layout too because of these fun elements!

Layout 2: Sweet Dreams:

Complete with lots of handmade embellishments including a rocket-ship made from corrugated cardboard, and a cloud cut from felt and blanket stitched around the edge:

And one of my crochet flowers and a fimo button:

Layout 3: Autumn:

Including some leaves hand-cut from felt and embroidered with veins, layered up with skeleton leaves:

Thanks for taking the time to have a look. If anyone wants any more info on supplies or techniques used on any of the pages just let me know.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. I'll be back at some point over the next couple of days to let you know who won the giveaway! x


Julie said...

What bad news, I can quite understand why youre feeling a bit down about it, you can clearly see from your layouts how much love has gone into creating them, I think theyre fantastic.
Chin Up and have a lovely weekend - Ju x

Sian said...

Well I have certainly enjoyed looking at them :)

Remember that story about JK Rowling sending her books to lots of different publishers? Keep on going! (and definitely have a go at submitting to Scrap365)

Dawn said...

Jennifer, I love your layouts especially the 3d one, would love a tutorial on how you made it. I haven't got the patience to make anything nearly as detailed as that! I'm sure some other magazine or online shop will be jumping to have you on their design team!

Louise said...

...i've enjoyed them too Jennifer!!

Don't let this set you back though....submitting a layout is a very brave thing to do!

Sarah said...

These layouts are FANTASIC!!! The London one is amazing with so much details and thought gone into it!! You are super talented and an inspiration to other crafters, that's why i chose you for my design team!! I can understand your dissappointment but please don't let this get you down too much. xx

Anonymous said...

I think your layouts are great - clever and fun too. Keep trying! Don't forget that their rejection is just one opinion :)

Clair said...

The other day I was talking to a professional photographer who makes his living submitting to (and winning) competitions. When he doesn't receive ackowledgements at all in one, he submits them to another and most often, he'll win something on his second, third or fourth try. But it's taken him a long time to find out which styles suit which competitions and to find the courage to keep trying.

You're layouts are gorgeous and I think the fact that you loved them enough to submit them is awesome. There are so many scrapbookers out there without that kind of self belief to begin with.

I hope you're back to feeling cheery soon xxx

Lizzie said...

Well, it's bad luck that you didn't win a prize - but wow, what fab pages they are anyway! I suppose that not everyone can win - perhaps they were looking for a specific "style" - magazines sometimes are...
I like all of these, but the first one blew me away! The 3D, pop-up elements are just fantastic. So much effort, hard work and detail. Something really wonderful to keep for your daughter - when she's older she will appreciate it even more.
The dreams one is sweet - my little gt. niece has nightmares sometimes and her mum would identify with your feelings, I think. Did you make the duvet cover? The sweet little deer and faun look as if you painted them on - they are lovely.
Gorgeous colours on the autumn page. Love the whole set-up and structure of it. Love the embellishments - esp. the embroidered leaves.
You certainly work hard at your pages - and they are worth the effort!
Don't be discouraged. Choose a couple of recent pages and submit them to another magazine - try the new Scrap365, that Sian mentioned - she had something in the first issue. Good luck!

Alison said...

Fabulous LOs...don't let this stop you submitting your great work!
Alison xx

Barbara said...

I think all your lo's are fabulous Jennifer. The details you have included in them is fantastic and its obvious that you must have spent a fair amount of time and effort in producing them. Dont get disheartened and keep posting them

debs14 said...

Well I think they are lovely, I especially like the first one with the flap. The colours are lovely. And who could not resist the one of your daughter asleep?!
Don't give up, maybe it's just that it wasn't quite what they were looking for at that time.

Mrs LiliGee x said...

You may not have won the competition, but from all these lovely comments you have certainly won the admiration of lots of fellow-scrappers! I *LOVE* the 3d London layout... I have never attempted anything like that!

Love your pages, and thanks for your lovely comments about my JYC album! :))

alexa said...

Oh, that's tough - but these are giving us a lot of pleasure. That 3D effect on the top one is amazing - it look me a wee while to figure out how you'd done it. Very clever!

Carrie said...

Just popped by to say thank you for your lovely comments on my LSNED album when I saw this post - your layouts are AMAZING! You clearly put a lot of time and effort into making them, I love the 3D London one and I think your daughter will love to look back at this again and again as it is so interactive... Well done for having the courage to submit them and please don't get discouraged.. I would love to see these in a magazine!

Lisa-Jane said...

I love the Dreams one best. I think it has texture and dimension, great placement, wonderful home made embellishments, a lovely story. As for the mag, well, do you know that a lot of people didn't enter because they felt that their style wouldn't be the kind that they were after. They seem to showcase quite specific styles and I guess that would be what they look for in the competition. I'll reserve judgement on if I agree with their "style" choices when the results are published ;-) And for the record, I love your work teamie xx

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