Sunday, 4 July 2010

a mexican meal and a collage

I've had a lovely few days finding inspiration and being creative, spending lots of time with my friends Rosie and Ali. On thursday evening we ate pizza, flicked through some craft books, and started a couple of projects. I have a half finished painting that I'll have to complete at some point - I was more interested in helping Rosie design her wedding invitations!

Then on Friday we went to Blandford, to visit the Fashion and Textile museum and to look around a few funky shops, and I had to resit spending lots of money! Instead of emptying our purses we returned home, and spent a couple of hours making bunting out of scrapbooking paper, ready for Saturday night.

Saturday night was a belated birthday party. We had been planning on a girly night out to a mexican restaurant and for cocktails, but then discovered we had a serious lack of funds in our bank accounts! So we tried to create a mexican atmosphere at Rosie's house instead. It may not have been entirely mexican, but it was beautiful, summery and fun!

We ate delicious nachos and fahitas, followed by lemmon mousse cake, accompanied by a couple of different cocktails (rasperry and peach, and lime fresca). I was pleased that it was a chance to use my funky retro ice bucket, which is shaped like a pineapple. It sits on top of my kitchen cupboard most of the time and feels unused, so it was nice to give it an airing!

When it got dark we moved the bunting inside and played board games until late. My hubby had joined the party as unfortunately another friend couldn't make it, but he wasn't too excited about the board games - they're not his thing. He was happy enough when he won them all though!

Doesn't it look pretty?

Rosie has also been inspiring me via her blog. She's following a creative path book called 'The Artist's Way', and one of the projects in it is to create a collage with images torn from magazines. They should be ones which represent who you have been, who you are, and who you might be, or just pictures that really appeal to you. If you'd like to read more about the project you can see Rosie's post about it here. This is my collage:

And a close up detail:

It felt quite therapeautic to make, ripping and sticking without thinking too much! And I love the finished collage, it's going to go up on my study wall to make me smile or to keep me motivated. Thanks for the project Rosie!



Anonymous said...

Collage looks great!!

looks like a fun party too, very pretty!

Have a great Day!

Anne said...

This looks like a fun party. I love the bunting and especially love the pineapple. The menu sounds really tasty.

Sian said...

I love that pineapple! It sounds like you had a wonderful crafty time, isn't it great to have a blog to record the good times on?

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