Friday, 9 July 2010

getting messy

I had a lovely afternoon yesterday. My friend Rosie came over, and, along with my little girl, we spent a few hours playing with paint. It has been a really long time since I just mucked about with paint, trying to see what it can do, and what sort of patterns it can come up with. It was interesting that a couple of times I just copied what my daughter was doing, eg dripping watery paint down from the top of her paper, and I really loved the result. When is it that we lose the ability to feel free with art? I'm going to make sure I regain a spirit of play when I'm making, otherwise where's the fun in it? Here's little miss concentrating on a difficult bit:

And the mess we grown up's were creating:

My study was full of the crafting process, so we had to take over other areas of the house with drying papers. Some were drying in the bath (on top of our cool crocodile bath mat from ikea):

And the rest were squeezed into my daughter's cot, which I'd removed the matress from:

I think we'll have to have many more afternoons like this, it was so much fun! And my daughter only put her painty hands on a few clean clothes and sheets - oh dear. More scrubbing for mummy then!

I'm hoping to use some of the papers in an art journal I want to start. I have tried to begin an art journal a few times, but I think I get scared off by blank white pages - I'm hoping having some colourful backgrounds to start on will help me get going.

I've always been useless at keeping a diary, this blog is the best record of my life that I've kept so far. Do you keep a diary or journal? If you do then why - what do you like about it?

Bye for now,


Sian said...

Don't you just love it when crafting takes over the entire house? Brilliant! I bet years from now she'll turn round and say "remember the day we did so much painting we even filled the cot?"

I don't keep a diary, but because i'm enjoying the blog writing I'm thinking about starting one

Meghann said...

Looks like a really fun day! You should share closeups once they're dry. No journal here. Like you, I only use my blog.

Rachel said...

I love painting with my little boy. Recently we stuck some paper onto the patio outside and then painted it with brushes and hands and feet, so much fun, and because we were outside I didn't stress about making a mess.

Annie said...

I think its great you did this! It's so easy to 'watch' them paint and get messy, but even better to join in the fun!

SarahLP said...

Sounds like a wonderful afternoon! I love painting with my boys too.. don't do it often enough to be honest, now we have carpet downstairs (laminate's a bit more forgiving!).

I don't keep a diary - I often start in Jan with good intentions but always fall by the wayside!

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