Thursday, 18 February 2010

my sunshine and her abstract art!

I really liked one of the pages I did for my This is why I scrapbook album - the page with a gorgeous photo of my little girl, and lots of lovely bright and swirly colours. It used some papers that have been waiting in my stash for ages - they were the first ones that I ordered online at full price, because I loved them so much when I saw them on a layout in scrapbook inspirations! It's the Basic Grey Phoebe collection.

I didn't have enough of exactly the same papers as I used in the mini album, but I had very similar ones and I think the layout works as a 12x12 interpretation of the original. The title uses Papermania sticker and chipboard letters to spell out 'I Love You':

I used an orange WRM eyelet which says 'you are my sunshine'.

Journalling reads:

This photo sums up your personality, fun and cute and happy. I hope you always find joy and laughter in the little things like you do now. You are my proper little sunshine, such a lovely sweetheart ~ you bring so many smiles and special moments to me each day. I will love you always xxx

I think the layout looks nice and bright and lively which is perfect for a pic of my daughter!

Speaking of whom, she did some painting this afternoon with some poster paints I bought from ELC. She won't wear plasticy aprons as she doesn't like the feel of them, so whenever we're doing something messy she has to wear an old t-shirt of mine!

She had fun creating a masterpiece, though towards the end she really just wanted to tip the water pot all over the page, luckily it was a non-spill pot!

Here's the finished piece of artwork! I'll have to find a place to stick it up for a while - but it's a bit too big to fit on my fridge!
Off to do a tesco's shop tonight whilst a friend babysits - what wonderful dates me and hubby go on these days!
bye for now x


RachelB said...

Great page Jen, Adam doesn't like those plastic aprons either! He also hates the rain cover for his pushchair and gets really moody when I have to put it on!

Micayla said...

Your little girl has a talent, love to see the little one's being about to make a mess and the parents not worry about it. It is fantastic for them to be able to express themselves.
Looks like she she's Mummy's eye for design, love your layout and the journalling is lovely. Glad you like the glue idea. Emily wont wear a plastic apron either so we just let her go mad in a old vest or t-shirt.

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