Sunday, 2 September 2012

August in Numbers

Sorry this is a bit late - but I went to be at 7pm last night with a headache and slept all night through. Thanks to hubby for sorting out the kids so I could get some rest - he is lovely!

Each month I join Julie Kirk and many others in recording my month in a numerical fashion. To learn more visit Julie's blog here, or her post for this month here. Now for my August in numbers:

9116, 5028 and 9057 ~ our Eurostar train numbers to Disneyland Paris and back again! This photo is of me, my mum, my step-dad, and my hubby, in the elevator at Ashford International train station, getting very excited about our trip:

67,200 ~ my score on the Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast ride, where you shoot aliens with a laser gun. Little miss scored 17,900, and my hubby scored 118,000, but the champion of our group was my step-dad, who scored 126,100! Here he is with the world's biggest Buzz Lightyear fan, my nephew, who wouldn't shoot the aliens because he thought they looked too sad (bless him!):

317.57 ~ spent by me, hubby, and our kiddies, over 4 days, mostly on food. We ate lots of buffet dinners to fill us up, this one was my favourite, at Plaza Gardens, as it had lovely gammon, and delicious cakes for dessert. (Baby boy looks a bit confused in this photo - it's because I stopped feeding him his banana so I could take the picture. Cheeky mummy!):

266 and 211 ~ my winning scores on Scrabble, when I my dad came down to visit the weekend after we returned from Disney, and I beat him and hubby at two games. Go me!:

3 freshwater shrimps, 2 frogs, and 1 beetle, caught (and then set free again), on a pond dipping and bug hunting adventure in the forest:

10 tasks out of 20 completed on the Gruffalo Trail at Moors Valley Country Park. After 10 tasks the children (and yes, alright, the adults too!) were loosing interest, so we headed to the playparks instead:

9 ~ shades of colour on my face, when my daughter's friend came for a sleepover, and I painted their faces, and then let them paint mine in return:

53 ~ the approximate number of times that buckets of water were collected from the sea, when my brother and his wife and kids came to stay, and we took them to Swanage for a few hours. The children were filling buckets to fill up a pool of water which they had dug (with help from my brother), and baby boy had great fun playing in it (they were all quite wet by home-time, luckily we had changes of clothes!):

Another wonderful, busy month. I predict that September will be equally busy, with the county show yesterday, a visit from my sister-in-law and her kids tonight, my daughter starting school this week, and a trip to London for me, all planned so far this month!

I hope the numbers are in your favour this September! x


dogmatix said...

Great numbers. I love the face painting, especially the girls attempt on you :-)
Well done for winning at Scrabble. The boss loves the game but I won't play him because he is too good and I get too frustrated lol

Louise said...

fab numbers Jennifer...and photos x

Louise said...

fab numbers Jennifer...and photos x

Lisa-Jane said...

Moors Valley is fab isn't it?! Wish we'd known about the Gruffalo trail.

Julie Kirk said...

Good to see photos of the much anticipated Disney trip. I reckon I would have been like your nephew feeling sorry for the aliens when I was little too!

And how much alike do your daughter and her friend look? I imagine you can tell them apart ... but I think an outsider might struggle!

Thanks for joining in again, you'r eon the board:

Hope your head's feeling better today.

Julie :-)

scrappyjacky said...

Looks like a fun August.

Sian said...

The food prices are scary, no doubt about it - and the thing is, you have to eat!

I think my favourite number though has to be the buckets of water collected from the sea :)

Jennie Hart said...

What a great month and so well recorded :) I love your blogging and I am off to subscribe :)

Staci said...

Great photos! Sounds like your month was wonderful!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Wonderful adventures!

KraftyKaren said...

Looks like you had a fab time at Disneyland plus have had lots of other super adventures too.

Karen x

Tamara said...

It looks like you have had a great month

Jimjams said...

I love your BIG and interesting numbers this month - looking forward to your Disney pages!

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