Thursday, 31 May 2012

May in Numbers

It's time again to wrap up the month, using numbers to tell our tales. To find out more about this blogging pastime, check out Julie Kirk's information about it here, or her post for this month here

My May in numbers:

The 5th of May was (Inter)National Scrapbooking Day. I really enjoyed visiting blog hops and joining in with chats and challenges! I showed you one of the challenge entries I made here, and I have another to show you at some point, when I remember to re-photograph it - the photo I have is too blurry.

2.20 hrs - The amount of time it took to change my hair from this:

To this:

My sister dyed it for me (she's a hairdresser). It had to be bleached first to get a nice, bright red colour. I'm turning Thirty in June and I've always wanted red hair, so I decided to go for it! I doubt I'll be able to maintain it for long though.

£39 for a room in a Premier Inn hotel, for a night away to celebrate our Anniversary. My lovely mum looked after the kids for the night, so we could go to Reading, and watch my friend's band Beartown Zodiac, play a gig:

145 game pieces in total, in these board games that we bought whilst visiting my Nan and Grampa. We were there for two days, and the weather was horrible, so there wasn't much to do except stay in and play games, and we'd exhausted Skipbo. These new ones from the second hand shop kept my daughter amused for ages:

2 trips to the cinema. I hardly ever go to the cinema these days, so twice in one month seems exotic! I saw The Lucky One with my husband, and The Hunger Games with my friend, and both were very good:

pg 26, the page number of my project in the latest Popular Crafts magazine:

I was also excited to have a card featured on Scrapbook & Cards Today Magazine blog here, with 5 others, when they asked to see Mother's Day cards. I was especially excited because mine was at the top, which was probably just good luck, but it meant that my card showed up as the thumbnail for the blog post link on facebook etc. Yay!

15,302 (estimated) grains of sand brought home in total from a few trips to the beach. I don't know how we managed to bring so much sand back each time. We put it all into the sandpit though, and then it gets stuck in the bottom of my daughter's buckets, and we take it back to the beach next time. So it's all part of the circle of beach visits:

And this photo brings me nicely onto the next number - unusual things my son has attempted to eat this month = 8 - sand, stones, shells, cat food (when visiting a friend), flowers, leaves, twigs, and grass:

All while his sister runs round him, with both of them wearing a thick layer of factor 50 sunscreen in this lovely hot weather:

Though to be honest, I'm glad it's now starting to cool down, as baby has not been sleeping well in the heat!

So there we go, my busy month. I haven't even mentioned the lovely time spent with my family in Kent, when we visited Folkestone, went to the playpark, and ate fish and chips. Or the night when I went round a friend's for the evening, for a girly gossip and wine night. It's been a good month!

Now I can look forward to my birthday, and a blog event happening right here at the end of June - to be announced tomorrow! x


helena said...

love the inclusion on sand brought home. Enjoyed reading your summary

Julie Kirk said...

I knew there'd be some trends once again this month - seems like May was hair-dyeing month! Happy new hair do.

The other day I found a small pile of sand in the turn-ups on a pair of jeans I obviously haven't worn since last summer!!

A great post, thanks for playing along - you're on the board:

Enjoy your June - sounds exciting!

Julie :-)

Sian said...

..of course once you get to my age, hair needs dyed every month lol!

There are some really lovely snippets in here Jennifer - that photo of your boy on the beach is wonderful

Louise said...

sand really does get everywhere doesn't it. Great round up of your month and lovely photos x

Effie said...

A great month in numbers....

Unknown said...

Great numbers especially the sand. Lovely photos of your little one too

Sheena said...

Great Month in Numbers :)
Hunger games was fab wasn't it x

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