Sunday, 20 November 2011

Giveaway Winner!

Hello again!

Yep, two posts in one day, that doesn't happen on here too often these days, does it? It's getting quite late in the evening too, but I've just won a game of scrabble against my husband and my dad so I'm in a jolly mood!

Do you want to know who won my giveaway for this handmade smash-style book?:

I just put the numbers of comments into, and it came up with number 1! Seriously, how often does that happen? The first comment was left by Sian, so congratulations Sian, this book will soon be on it's way to you! (I already have your address I believe). I hope you enjoy the book and manage to get some use out of it.

I also thought I'd share a couple of photos I took yesterday. It was quite sunny, so as my Dad was here and able to drive me and the kids around (I have not yet learned how to drive!), he took us to Swanage for a walk on the beach:

It was lovely to get some sea air, I think I like the beach even more in the autumn than I do in the summer - it's a lot less busy for one thing!

I should go and get some sleep now before baby wakes for his first night-time feed. How old do babies need to be before they start sleeping through the night? I've forgotten and I'd like to know when I might start getting a full night's rest again! 



Lea said...

That Smash like book looks fabulous! What a lucky winner. Great pictures! Especially love the one with your daughter and the heart in the sand!

Jo.C said...

Congratulations Sian - that looks like a great giveaway :0)

Unknown said...

~It's a shame the heart is the wrong way up though!

Sian said...

Thank you, thank you! What a lovely piece of news to find on a cold wet Monday. I'm really looking forward to it

Alison said...

A perfect winner in Sian! ope you got some sleep before the little one woke!
Alison xx

Louise said...

lucky Sian!!! great photos Jennifer.

Lisa-Jane said...

Hhhmmm, sleeping through... well my son was 18 months before he EVER slept through and was 2 before he did it regularly. He still wakes fairly early now. My girl, well she was brilliant up till 6 months, hell on a stick for the next year and fine from then on. Sorry, is that not what you wanted to hear?! I think I was just unlucky though and I hope your next post says what wonderful sleep you are having ;-)

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