Thursday, 10 November 2011

10 things ... in my living room

I keep meaning to join in with Shimelle's '10 things on the 10th', and not remembering until the actual day, when I see her's and other's posts pop up. Last month I took these photos of 10 things in my living room, and then I ran out of time to post them. So here they are now. I hope you like having a little glimpse into my house. And I'll try to think ahead about what I can post next month on the 10th, instead of leaving it until the last minute!

In my living room there are:

1. Some very full bookshelves:

They've been spotted on here before but I do love them! My favourite things on the shelves are...

2. Harry Potter books and bookends:

I'm a big fan of the Harry Potter books, and I like having them pride of place, with their own special bookends.

3. A fish that wears glasses:

I actually bought this fish for my grandpa, at least 12 years ago. I recently mentioned to him that I was looking for one of my own, to keep my glasses on (I didn't wear glasses when I bought it for him), and he gave it back to me as he rarely used it. I think it's such a fun place to keep my glasses!

4. A lot of toys:

Mostly purchased at car boot sales or on ebay! The Winnie-The-Pooh drawers were a hand-me-down from my nieces, and it's a great way to store a lot of the little bits. At times it drives me crazy having the living room taken over by toys, but at least they get played with a lot.

5. My daughter's table:

This was such a good buy, from Ikea. She uses it for games, colouring, baking, and eating at, if we're not sitting at the dining table. It has definitely been worth the small amount of money that it cost!

6. A playmat, and 7. A baby hammock:

He's getting a bit big for the baby hammock now, but he did like sleeping in it. Now he likes the playmat more, and he's rolled over on it a couple of times. He does get a bit frustrated that the toys won't reach his mouth though!

Now for a corner of curiosities:

In the back are some fake flowers that my sister bought to decorate mine and my husband's bedroom on our wedding day. Other significant items are:

8. A champagne bottle:

The champagne was drunk on the evening we got engaged. Hubby proposed to me at a picnic we were at with our friends, and then after I'd said yes we had champagne and strawberries. Lovely! 
(The windmill is one I made a while back and blogged about here.)

9. A masquerade mask:

Purchased in Venice when I went there for 4 days with my best friend, about 6 years ago. One of the greatest trips of my life! We had such an amazing time, including joining in with the festival by dressing up in regency costumes, and wearing the masks we'd bought there. We also wore them on a gondola tour. So this mask brings back good memories!

10. A cross-stitched pillow:

Made by my sister-in-law for our wedding present in 2008. I thought it was lovely when she gave it to us, but it wasn't until I attempted cross-stitch earlier this year that I realised how much work had gone into it. So now I love it even more as I know she spent a lot of time making something special for us.

So there we go, a little look at things scattered around my living room! Have you got any similar objects in yours?

Before you go, don't forget there's less than a week left to enter my giveaway, see it here if you haven't entered yet. 

And I don't think I've mentioned yet that I had another DT project posted on the SJ Crafts blog, a video tutorial for some Christmas decorations. Find it here if you're interested!

Bye for now, xxx


Anonymous said...

You have so many bright colors and whimsy! Such a happy homey space.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Thanks for the peek into your life - I remember that jumbled time when the kids were little.

Connie said...

loving that bottle~so cool!!!!

Sian said...

A nice peep into your daily life. When our kids got too big for their stand with the tubs of toys, I lifted the whole thing and put it in the spare room - I couldn't bear to sort through it!

Louise said...

ooo a lovely look around your living room. I like your corner of curiosities.

Claireliz said...

Love the fish wearing glasses & glad I'm not the only person who has half a library in their living room.

Charis said...

What a lovely peep into your family home! I'm very jealous of your bookshelves btw... I love books!

Kimberlee said...

Love the fish. :D

Eleanor said...

I feel quite at home in your living room! Tried to peer at your bookshelves, need a closer look next time :)
I see you're a strawberry Victoria sandwich fan too!
Great post.

Tammy said...

Great photos! Very fun to get a peek into your living room. I love the HP book ends! :)

MonicaB said...

Thanks for the peek into your living room. Where did you get the HP bookends?? I'm a huge HP fan and these are really cool.

Alison said...

I remember a living room filled with toys and children's 'necessities'!
Alison xx

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