Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Hello all!

Sorry I didn't manage to post the winner yesterday, I think Sian's right, I am wearing myself in the run up to Christmas! I was very tired yesterday. Anyway, thanks again to all who commented on my Blogging Friendships Party Post (which can be seen here). It was really interesting seeing which fictional characters you'd all like to be. There's an interesting mix of superheroes, fantasy creatures, stars of kids cartoons, and book characters.

If anyone's wondering, I'd be a fairy. A scrapbook fairy to be precise. This kind of fairy is very small, and hides out in people's craft rooms. She makes her clothes from scrapbook stash, ties ribbons in her hair, and at night, when the unsuspecting crafter is asleep, she adds extra glitter to their projects or steals their supplies to make her own mini-books! These would be her wings:

These were made as examples to the children on our workshop called 'Funtastic Fairies', when 7-11 year olds come and make up their own original fairy, to make wings for and write a story about. We run this course a couple of times a year, it's always very popular. We ran it last weekend and have it again in a couple of weeks!

Anyway, on to the giveaway winner. Everyone who answered the question about which character they'd be was in for a chance to win these cards of my paintings:

Here's everyone's names printed and cut out:

Placed into a hat:

And then my daughter helped choose the winner (you can just scroll down if you don't want to watch the movie):

So there you go, the winner is:

Miriam said...

Thanks for a lovely post, your cards are indeed fabulous.
I would be Marge Simpson, just for the hair! or the 'Snowman' as I would really love to go to that party! :)
6 November 2010 21:10

Miriam can you please email me at jennifer grace at hotmail dot co dot uk with your postal address and I shall get your prize sent to you!
Now we have to go food shopping. Sooo boring!


Sian said...

I really do like the idea of a fairy adding extra glitter to everyone's projects!

Congrats Miriam. And you look after yourself Jennifer

Rachel B said...

Congrats Miriam.

Yes Jennifer, make sure you are not overdoing it. You need to be recharged for Christmas ;)

Miriam said...

Thank you Jennifer This is the first time I have won a blog prize I am overwhelmed xxxx

Anonymous said...

Thought I would comment and say neat theme, did you make it for yourself? It’s really awesome!

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