Saturday, 8 May 2010

ice creams and doorstop sandwiches

The weather here on Bank Holiday Monday was a bit disappointing, with lots of rain showers. However the sky did clear up for short bursts of sunshine, so we did manage to have an ice cream while watching a couple of events at Poole Street Arts Festival:
Then on wednesday I visited Bath with my friend Rosie and her fiancee David, helping them to look at some wedding venues. It was great to go back there (we lived in Bath for 4 years for Uni), I love wandering around the streets there as they bring back so many memories!

We had sandwiches for lunch, and mine was a huge doorstop style one which I could barely get my mouth around:

They showed me the new shopping area which wasn't built yet last time I visited, and which I think has been done really well:

And they took me to a great independent bookshop called Mr B's, which has a great vibe and a lovely selection of books. I really want this bookcase which they had in their children's section (I'll have to see if hubby can make us one):

It was a lovely day, because on top of all that we also got to look around the Royal Crescent Hotel, The Assembly Rooms, The Guildhall and The Roman Baths, to consider them as wedding venues. We even got a free cup of tea at the pump rooms, I had 'Amber Mist' which was delicious. All the settings were gorgeous, now my friends just have to work out if they can afford any of them!

More later, x


Sian said...

We spent our honeymoon near Bath and we're thinking of going back this year (bet it will have changed a lot!) I love the dollshouse bookcase.

debs14 said...

Bath is on my list of places in the UK I want to visit. It looks so interesting and it sounds like it would be a great place to spend a long weekend.
I need to start dropping some hints ....

Darlene Servolini said...

That bookcase is FANTASTIC!!! I so want one for my little girl! It doesn't seem to difficult to make either. :)

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