Thursday, 27 May 2010


Why is it that 'decorating' is actually mainly de-decorating? It takes soooo long to tear down the wallpaper, clean the walls, wash the ceiling, strip paint off the radiator, and navigate all the mess you're creating in the rest of the house because you're doing nothing else! Here's our dining room in it's current stage:

We have managed to paint all the woodwork, and put lining paper up on two of the walls, so at least it's starting to feel like we're getting somewhere!

Our little girl has been at nursery a bit this week so that we could get on with it, but when she's been at home she seems to not even notice the mess, and has even chipped in by helping us clean walls and floors:

I also had my first ever driving lesson today! Well, apart from when hubby tried to teach me the basics in a car park a couple of years ago! It was quite scary as well as exciting, I am looking forward to my next lesson. I want to be able to take my daughter out places when hubby is at work, it's so frustrating when it's a nice day and we can't get to the beach (unless we want to spend an hour on a bus!).

Before we started all this I did manage to get my next layout done for the journaling junkies blog. It was to scrap about how you find balance in your life, juggling all the different things you have going on. Very apt for me at the moment! If you want to read my journaling you can see it on the jj blog here, and if you feel inspired then please join in and email your layout to Stefanie!

Right, I'm going to scrape a bit more lilac paint off a radiator, then I shall enjoy an episode of Cougar Town and a glass of wine, before painting some lining paper. Hmm, I never try and do too much at once, do you?!


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Sian said...

That's a really cute layout Jennifer. Love it :)

I like ripping off the wallpaper and getting the walls ready, it's doing the paintwork I can't stand.

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