Monday, 2 November 2009

My crafty space

Here's my crafty space, where I write, scrap, paint, create and will hopefully now blog! (Though at the moment I'm blogging from my sofa...) I love my crafty space as it's so colourful and messy, and full of little bits and bobs of inspiration and little characters to keep me company, like Humphrey the penny farthing traveller...

I also love my laptop, as though it can be a bit small for working on websites that also means it's easy to cart about and leaves me plenty of space to spread out other stuff over my desk!

It's the first day of the 'blogging for scrapbooker's' class today so I fully intended to spend some time at my desk today. I got as far as choosing a photo for a scrapbook LO for today's prompt, but then I had to roast some chestnuts! But I did think about what it is I want to get out of this class, and my goals are:
  • to get in a stride of blogging regularly
  • for my blog to be a diary of events as well as a gallery for my projects
  • to make some online friends who share my joy in papercrafting

Finger's crossed! I'm gonna try my best to blog every day or two but November is a busy month for me so we'll see! On that note, I've got my first ever craft fair coming up (scary!) so here's pic of two cute xmas wall hangers that I've made for selling: (sorry the pics aren't great quality)

That's all for now, bring on prompt two!


Stefanie said...

Hello there
I am also looking forward to Shimelle's class.
Thanks for signing up to follow my journalingjunkie blog.
I hope that you will enjoy your visits there and be inspired too.

Kathy M said...

Here from Shimelle's class.

Love your space. I'm a laptop blogger too. Love the laptop because you can work anywhere.

SarahLP said...

Love your crafty space!! Looks like a lovely place to work. Your Christmas wall hangings are very sweet too.

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