Thursday, 5 November 2009

Cheeky surprises!

I love how my daughter surprises me all the time, making me jump, laugh or gape at her in awe (sometimes all three!). The other day she hid behind a floor length curtain with a recess behind it, and I really didn't know she was in the room. When I walked in she almost made me jump out of my skin when she stomped out shouting 'rahhh' like her lion impression!

Yesterday she was entertaining herself going through my odd and bods crafty bits, including old jewellery, that might end up on a layout or project. When I turned to look at her she was wearing a necklace like a head ornament and grinning up at me as though she was the cleverest thing on the planet. Which of course she is - I want to start wearing my necklaces like that!!


Jocelyn said...

That is too cute, I remember when my daughter (now 8) used to wear a necklace like this all the time, she called it her princess crown, and she wore it everywhere, to the shops, to pick up the kids from school, to playgroup, everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Yes! i think we should all wear necklaces like that at some point in our lives! A lovely story!

Annie said...

Ah she is so cute, and it's nice to hear some little children stories too.

Annie B

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