Thursday, 25 August 2011

Mermaid Mesmerised Altered Plaque

This month's theme at Alter it Monthly is 'Sirens, Mermaids, and the Deep Blue Sea'. My head immediately started whirring with ideas when I saw this theme, as I love the sea, and mermaids have always been a magical creature that fascinates me - the one that I really think could exist in some form as we really don't know what lives in the deepest parts of the ocean.

So I've altered a 6¾” x 4½” wooden plaque, which started out as a image of poppies (bought at a car boot sale!) and ended up like this:

Here's how it started:

I painted on a layer of gesso:

Then a layer of turquoise acrylic paint:

I then painted a crackle glaze medium (from Sarah's Cards Ltd), let it dry, then painted blue acrylic paint on top. It crackled nicely so the turquoise showed through. That was the base finished.

Next I painted the mermaid, using drawing pen, watercolour paints, and acrylic paint for the white dots, onto a piece of scrapbooking paper. I scanned her in before I did the next step, so that you can download and use her in your projects if you'd like to! Click on the photo to download - but please only use the image in items for personal use or gifts - not items you wish to sell.

I don't have any more step-by-step photos, but next I tore around the mermaid, and then very carefully burnt the edges. I stamped the words onto the same scrapbooking paper, and tore around them, but just used brown and black ink pads to colour the edges to look like they'd been burnt.

I adhered them to the plaque using Mod Podge, leaving the edges loose to add a bit of dimension. Then I used Anita's 3D clear gloss to adhere the collection of beads, shells, stones, and jewellery items around the mermaid.

Finally I coated the whole thing in gloss Mod Podge to protect it and to give a nice watery sheen to the underwater theme!

Hope you like it. If you like it a whole lot, it's now available for sale in my etsy shop here.

Do you think mermaids exist? Maybe, just maybe? I hope so. x


Zuzu's Blog said...

instantly made me think of ancient Greece. it has that aold rcovered mosaic look only still with all its colour.
thank you so much for taking part and linking to us at Alter It Monthly

Sian said...

I do like it!

Thank you for your good wishes this morning and best of luck with the pre-school starting! I hope she is looking forward to it

Lea said...

How cool is this! I didn't realize you had an etsy shop! I'm going to go check it out now!!!

Gini said...

Your mermaid plaque is fabulous Jennifer, all the lovely beads and bits surrounding your wonderful mermaid! I've watched the episode of the deep sea from the Blue Planet series loads of times and it's more like fantasy that reality, I'm sure your mermaid is swimming out there somewhere :-)

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