Wednesday, 13 April 2011

how time flies...

I can't believe it's been two months since my last post, 2011 seems to be going by in a flash! I've been busy visiting people, having people to visit us, going away for a few days to London (yay!), arranging my daughter's 3rd birthday party, and re-organising the house. Oh, all at the same time as being pregnant of course! I'm tired a lot of the time right now!

Anyway, here's some snaps from the last two months. I'll do a separate post with pics from our London trip, and another to show a few bits and pieces I've been creating, though there hasn't been too much of that with everything else I've had to get done!

I'll start with a few pics from the week I went to visit my mum, step-dad and sister up in Kent, at the end of February. We went to the farm:


And played some games! (This is my teddy bear. He's called Spencer):

Then on the 19th of March it was my daughter's 3rd Birthday. Unfortunately I was working that day, but my sister was down for a week long visit, so her and my husband gave the little princess all the attention she deserved:

This is the same day, at a veg plot we've recently acquired as part of a free local scheme to get parents gardening with their kids. It's a lovely community place to go and my daughter loves planting seeds and watering, it's great for us as we only have a small patio/courtyard style garden so it's nice to go and play in the mud:

And it also helps that the play park is right next door!:

We had her birthday party in a chuch hall the weekend after, with 12 of her friends coming for princess games and a clown show. My mum is a clown (you can see her website here if you're intrigued), so she had offered long ago to do a show at little one's 3rd birthday! My daughter loved it!

And my mother-in-law made this fantastic princess castle cake:

Isn't it just what every little girl dreams of? Aren't I lucky with my parents? I hope they realise how much I appreciated all their help! (And my sister's help too, her and my mum helped me make paper chains and paper bunting, we put all the party bags and pass-the-parcel together, and mum even made the big castle picture that's behind her and my daughter in the above pic. I have the best family ever!)

Okay, that's probably enough for one post. I've already sorted out the London photos so hopefully it won't take me too long to post them. I hope everyone out there in blogland is doing okay, I have some major catching up to do on my blog-reader. And I'm going away again tonight for a week, back to my mum's - as my sister is leaving to go travelling for a year on Monday so we're going to say 'bon voyage'!

Bye for now, x


Sian said...

It's so good to "see" you Jennifer :)

Lea said...

Hi Jennifer! So good to hear from you! Such cute pics and how cool that your mom is a clown!!!

Rachel B said...

Wow, sounds like a fab day for your little princess.

I love the new blog look pretty :)

alexa said...

Yay, you're back! What a great time ... Love that cake and how cool to have a Mum who is a clown!

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