Friday, 11 December 2009

Ooh christmas is coming!

I've been working a month of weekends away, but I haven't got another until the end of January, so now I can get very excited about xmas! I've been in a christmas frenzy: decorating, baking, planning presents and making pictures with my little girl!

Here's some reindeer we made (after seeing the very cool ones my niece had done) - you draw around your foot for the head and your hands for the antlers then stick them together, adding eyes and a nose and drawing a mouth. Quite fun and a good way to record hand and foot size if we make them every year!:

A cotton wool snowman which my daughter had fun making until she got glue and fluff stuck to her fingers - then she started moaning that her hands were messy!:

I have just finished making some mince pies, I made my own mincemeat for the first time which I'm very proud of. The pastry went a bit elastic though - I don't suppose anyone knows what I might have done wrong to cause this to happen? I was following the recipe by the hairy bakers from their xmas special last year. I like their cheeky, laid back approach to cooking and I'm looking forward to this year's xmas special which is on this coming wednesday. Here's the pies:

And finally a shot of our lovely christmas tree with our lovely little pixie in front of it! She loves pointing out all the decorations (penguin, snowman, tigger etc.) and tells me off when the lights aren't on! She is also loving a singing, dancing santa which is driving me crazy! It sings the chorus of 'last christmas I gave you my heart' over and over again. I've had to tell her it's broken a couple of times so that I could switch him off for a bit and get her to stop setting him off (noise activated)!

Hope you're all having fun with your own decorations / creations!


RachelB said...

I love the cute little reindeer, I will have to try this when Adam is older and will actually stand still for 5 mins!

Sian said...

Those mincepies still look great. I always cheat and use frozen pastry :) I love the photos of your mother/daughter crafting.

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